Behind the Scenes at Yuroz’s “Symbiosis” Installation at Coral Springs Museum of Art by Guest Curator and Renowned Art Critic

Through ambitious abstraction of trees and his iconic geometric expression deployed in diverse medium and varied representation, Yuroz, draws his viewers in to share his visual exploration of nature and its relationship with mankind.  The artist attempts to ultimately deliver viewers to harmony in accord with nature but he said, .  Yuroz’s Symbiosis opened in Coral Springs Museum of Art on March 12th.  The exhibit will remain there until May 28th and we encourage you to visit the exhibit.

Museum guest curator, and renowned art critic, Bruce Helander, offered us a behind the scene look at the installation on site and talked us through his curating journey of this wonderful collection.

During installation, Mr. Helander could hardly contain his excitement and went on to share his thoughts on three of the compositions even while some of the wrapping material from shipping was still attached. In curating the collection for this exhibition at the Coral Springs Museum of Art, Mr. Helander carefully selected from a rich body of work built on a common theme of trees.  In Yuroz’s own words, this collection attempts to express the symbiotic relationship between the human race and nature, where our existence is being nurtured by nature and nature’s survival is dependent on the attitude of the human race.

Here, behind the scene, Mr. Helander talks us through the “Summer Flirtation”, the “Intersect” Series and the “Oak Tree” Series.

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