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Yuroz October 2022 release: The Jazz Collection, Original Mixed Medium (acrylic/oil on wood panel/canvas)

In music, Jazz was a genre born in the late 19th and early 20th century in a port city, where American and European styles were exposed to African folk and culture, stimulating a spirit of experimentation and improvisation. In fine art expressions, historical stylistics vary even more from genre to genre and evolve from prehistoric to modern times, leaving traces of human emotions that span through evolutions of solo and communal experiences.    Musicians have been recording covers of their own songs and other artists’ pieces.  “Amazing Grace”, for example, only began to grow in popularity 60 years after its creation by an Englishman, John Newton.  Multiple renditions rose to […]

Yuroz Lovers, the Bright and Bold Series, oil/acrylic on museum board

Yuroz lovers have populated his canvases for 30 years as he expressed in different mediums and styles.   In this “Yuroz Lovers, the Bright and Bold Series”, painted with oil/acrylic on museum board, Yuroz releases select work from his vault with strong colors and fierce brushwork fainting traces of Fauvism.  Unafraid, Yuroz deploys opposite and analogous colors to express power and contrast or quiet and calm, while defining them with strong black divides.  This series shows off this artist’s understanding of color and light with his symbolism in his narratives and geometric stylistic elements.   “The chief function of color should be to serve expression. Color helps to express light, not the […]