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Pandora Pang, Director

“Yuroz’s Symbiosis Museum Collection consists of two series: the Symbiosis  Museum Fine Art Collection and the Symbiosis Museum Design Collection. It began as a stark revelation that sparked two decades of germination, and a collection that took Yuroz about five years, hundreds of sketches and studies to complete. Symbiosis expresses the symbiotic relationship between the human race and nature where human’s existence is being nurtured by nature and nature’s survival is dependent on the attitude of the human race.  It was an honor and my pleasure to publish this collection and introduce Yuroz’s powerful visual narratives as a reminder for us to respect the energy we draw our strength from.” –  Pandora Pang, Moso Art Gallery

Artist statements on the collection can be found here.

Video presentation behind the scenes at Coral Springs Museum by curator/art critic, Bruce Helander, on Symbiosis can be found here.

Video Interview with Yuroz at Symbiosis Museum Show Artist Reception at the Coral Springs Museum of Art can be found here

Image gallery of the Museum installation and “Life of an Artist” that sparks important bodies of work by Pandora Pang can be found here.

To view the Symbiosis Museum Fine Art Collection, go here.

Below are select images of the Symbiosis Museum Design Collection: