Moso Art is a contemporary art gallery founded by Pandora Pang in Los Angeles in 2015 to bring out exclusive bodies of work from mid-career artists, create new conversations and expand the boundaries of their visual narratives far beyond the corners of the choice medium of expression.

Moso Art Advisory helps collectors and art lovers cross the traditional threshold that divides the artists and patrons. Here at Moso Art, we believe that collecting art is the ultimate endorsement of the what’s, the why’s, and the how’s behind the artist’s interpretation and expression. When the art invokes our senses and the work seeps into our hearts and our minds, that unyielding force of creativity supercharges our personal power where the artist’s power in turn propels our shared ideologies, causes and personal messages.

Moso bamboo is a Chinese bamboo that takes 5 years to sprout.  During that time of preparation, it amasses momentum and immense power underground to be able to sprout 90 feet in six weeks.  To get there, it takes patience, faith and commitment.  In this world where we celebrate in public what we practice in private, it is our aim to create a platform to empower and celebrate together the core essence of artistic expression.