Yuroz Art You Can Touch wearables


Yuroz paintings narrate symbolically and capture our attention visually.  As the second offering in Yuroz Art You Can Touch family, the artist invites collectors to interact with his work to add another dimension of emotional connection kinesthetically through touch.


Much like Jewelry for Your Home, Yuroz Visual Poetry You Wear does not take over the main stage but adorns what collectors hold dear.  This time, Yuroz takes after the legacy of the modern scarf as the most versatile piece of apparel accessory across cultures and geography with his collectibles.  Utilizing different color palettes, Yuroz creates scarf designs based on narratives from his paintings with expressions suiting for any occasion for today’s dynamic needs.


A symbol of distinction, versatility, elegance, and nobility, the modern scarf was popularized by Queen Victoria during her ascension in 1800’s.  Intimate to the wearer and the person that gifts them, luxury scarves stand the test of time dating back as early as 1350 BC in Ancient Egypt.


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