Imagine that: If 30 million world refugees were citizens of a state or a nation …

In the middle of no where, with fear, pain and uncertainty, refugees were uprooted by conflict, climate disaster, or political instability, running for safety. Displaced from their communities and any semblance of normality, nation-less and stateless, denied access to education, healthcare, employment and freedom of movement, there are about 30 million refugees worldwide and statistically over half of them are children. That’s more than any of 49 states in the US, ranking 2nd just under California if they were a state, or larger than Australia, South Korea, or Taiwan as a country. “Respect Refugees” is a representation of a multi cultural refugees scene, a Yuroz mural commissioned by United Nations […]

Introducing Yuroz’s “Offerings of Love”

Unveiling his 9′ x 6.5’H oil on panel romantic mural, “Offerings of Love” c. 2013, narrative representational artist, Yuroz, famous for his use of symbolism and masterful composition engages his audience with his answer to Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus” as he breaks down the ethereal elements in the ultimate connection with female energy. Heavily influenced by his classical training and his love of the work of many Renaissance masters that came before him, Yuroz conceived Offerings of Love in 2011 and finally finished this 70” x 108” (196 cm x 275 cm) mural in 2013. Here, Yuroz’s female stands tall as she baths in the simultaneous offerings as the subject of the […]

Yuroz 2019 ICONO Serigraph Release Announcement with Artist’s Personal Invitation To Connect

The last three years, Yuroz continues to morph his work across mediums by incorporating iconography to devise a new speak that celebrates the human spirit in a higher magnitude.  As a sequel to his 2016 limited edition release of the first ICONO serigraph “Dance with the Pomegranates”, today, Yuroz announced his 2019 ICONO Serigraph Diptych Release, “From Dusk Till Dawn”, with a limited edition of 49. “Mythological Renaissance paintings revived and developed iconography with its own conventions.  I was drawn to the incredible sense of balance between a palette of basic colors and the multi-dimensional coalescing of simple lines, curves and shades,” commented Yuroz. The ICONO Collection was conceived to celebrate ourselves and people […]

Evolution of a moment – one capsule of time represented over a span of six years

The name Yuroz has been synonymous with love, romance and the celebration of the human spirit for over three decades.  The artist’s work is coveted by many collectors.  His compositions are always balanced with elements of contrast.  He leaves hints in his representations, starting with his symbolism with varied subtle mood changes by varying his compositions, deploying his lines, shades, and using colors differently, moving the focal point, and attenuating the emotional connection ever so slightly. If you ask a collector why he or she brought one of Yuroz’s paintings home, while the answers vary, the one common thread is the emotional connection the collector made with his work.  About […]

Yuroz’s “Conversation” Sculpture installation scheduled for 11/17 8 am, marking the final step of Hotel Hyatt Place Glendale’s Public Art Project Construction Hyatt Place

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – NOVEMBER 16TH, 2018 (LOS ANGELES, CA) – YUROZ’S “CONVERSATION” SCULPTURE INSTALLATION SCHEDULED FOR NOVEMBER 17 AT 8 AM MARKS THE FINAL STEP OF HOTEL HYATT PLACE GLENDALE’S PUBLIC ART PROJECT CONSTRUCTION Envisioned as a homage to Glendale’s Artistic Community, the new installation of Yuroz’s “Conversation” sculpture offers a vibrant addition to Glendale’s development landscape, presenting a strong visual journey and emotional connection for visitors with the architecture and its environment. World-renowned for his iconic geometric abstraction of simple beauties in love and life and the human condition, Yuroz’s “Conversation” is a visual testament of Hyatt Corporation’s commitment to elevate the local community through art that is approachable, engaging, […]

Pearls – Women in Yuroz’s Art (Part 2 of 3)

“Woman with Pearls” has been an icon of femininity, elegance and poise in Yuroz’s art during the last decade.   With the recent limited release of the “Woman with Pearls” sculpture, we want to share a curated collection of retrospectives of Yuroz’s work, highlighting the different facets of his representation.  Just like Venus, the goddess of love, pearls don’t arise from the depths of the earth but from the sea.  They are usually round, flawlessly white with lustrous beauty that requires no special cutting or polishing. PROSPERITY, VANITY AND LUSTROUS BEAUTY Pearls were used in jewelry as far back as ancient Greece.  The rules of the Byzantine empire dictated that only the emperor […]

A Tale of Two Icons – Yuroz announces new fine art furniture that combines his artistry and time-proven craftsmanship by Nancy Corzine

PRESS RELEASE:  May 24th, 2017 (Los Angeles, CA) – To celebrate the allure of life, Yuroz announces a new line of refined luxury furniture, Jewelry for Your Home, featuring functional art you can touch. Fusing key designs inspired by his original fine art collections, Yuroz kicks off the offering with one-of-a-kind hand-etched and hand-painted metal top-plates on a time-proven metal frame with famed Venetian silver finish inspired by furniture design icon, Nancy Corzine. Incorporating images inspired by his Symbiosis Fine Art Museum Collection released in 2016 and his Pulse of the Roses collection released in 2017, Jewelry for Your Home released two distinctive accessory table styles, Arlo and Eternity, signed and numbered in limited edition with a selection […]

A Tale of Two Icons: A Testament of Artistry with Timeless Beauty When Fine Art Meets Designs

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  March 20th, 2017 (Los Angeles,CA) – A TALE OF TWO ICONS: TWO INDUSTRY ICONS, YUROZ IN FINE ART AND NANCY CORZINE IN DESIGNS JOINTLY PRESENT A NEW LUXURY FURNITURE LINE THAT COMBINES THE TESTAMENT OF ARTISTRY WITH TIMELESS BEAUTY. Fusing key designs inspired by original compositions from Yuroz’s Symbiosis Museum Collection with Nancy Corzine’s furniture designs, this collaboration celebrates the allure of life with a new line of refined luxury furniture being announced in advance of Westweek in Los Angeles. The fortitude of human conditions is the recurring subject matter of Yuroz’s fine art expression for three decades and Yuroz is showcasing that message beyond the four corners […]

Art Stage Singapore 2017 was Enchanting

It was our 3rd exhibition at this extremely well-run and well-attended art fair in a country with residents and visitors that are culturally distinctive but universally welcoming. Our booth consisted of a beautiful and bold collection of transcending work that encapsulates the magnificent energy of harmony, strength and love for humanity by this cubist master and romantic painter, except, there were a number of “milestone” work displayed, including the Dancing Trees from the Symbiosis Collection which marked fulcrum pivotal moments of the artist’s career. Breaking Through, featured bright colored bulls that broke through a complex network of connectivity between heaven and earth, celebrating life force and energy.   The fast-moving palette knife channeled that […]

Grammy Awards Official Artist, Yuroz, released a series of paintings to pay tribute to musicians

Intrepid horse sculpture by Yuroz

“When one art form inspires another, it sparks creativity and gives meaning to what we do as artists,” says Yuroz.  Yuroz was the official artist for the 35th Annual Grammy Awards for National Academy of Recording Arts and Science. As a tribute to the musicians and composers, he released a series of drawings, “The Musicians”, to thank them for sharing the voice of their souls. A music lover and a flautist, Yuroz dedicates the contrast between the sharp lines and the sensual curves, and the harmony between the shades in this series to the rhythm and tunes these music professionals have gifted to our world. In Yuroz’s ICONO collection (a […]