Lady with Hat, NFT Collection

“Lady with Hat” NFT Collection is a series of 13 unique 1 of 1 images by Yuroz as he digitally accessorized his subjects and manipulated the image of his original painting, “Lady with Pearls”.  Original oil on wood panel, 30”x40”, circa 2007, “Lady with Pearls” was a portrait of a woman with a long swan-like neck and almond-shaped eyes in a modernized classic composition.


In this first Yuroz NFT Collection, collectors are invited to bear witness to the convergence of the artist’s digital and physical trails.  In this “Lady with Hat” NFT Collection, Yuroz “adorned” the lady in his portrait with one of his luxury scarves, “Spring”, from his Visual Poetry You Wear, loosely tied on her neck.


The original painting portrayed a lady wearing white pearls and white apparel, adorned with a white sculptured hat set in a warm orange background with an allure of enigma.  In this NFT Collection, Yuroz demonstrated the versatility of scarves as an accessory in woman’s apparel history by creating 13 unique images with different tonal messages to connect with unique moods and emotions while preserving the enigma of the original image.


The owners of each unique NFT in this collection would be able to claim a 35”x35” physical scarf, the “Spring”.  Hand-rolled on 100% mulberry silk from 18mm silk twill, this luxury scarf is a physical statement of the Yuroz brand, and a symbol of distinction, versatility, and nobility that stands the test of time for collectors.

About Elements in the “Lady with Hat, NFT” 

“Lady with Pearls”, original oil on wood panel, 30” x 40”, circa 2007

In the original oil on wood panel, Yuroz chose a warm orange tone as the background for the original painting but contrasted it with the cooler white and pale blue color palette for the lady’s outfit and accessories.  This woman is portrayed with graceful facial contours and a red side ponytail, her head turned, carrying an allure of enigma with a mask-like expression that mystifies.  The white sculpted hat with thin black trim hints at a safe place where this Yuroz heroine defines her personal bubble.  The midpoint of the hat tips down ever so slightly, transitioning the lady’s public side with a bronzed tone to the cooler and darker half where her privacy is veiled.


“Spring” from the Visual Poetry You Wear, Yuroz limited edition scarves

100% mulberry silk, 18mm silk twill, Hand-rolled, double sided print.


“Lady with Hat” NFT Collection