Payment Policy

We accept checks, wire transfers or most major credit cards. Customers take possession of the merchandise only after all payments are made in full. We require a signed invoice in all cases as acknowledgement prior to turning over physical possession. In cases where customers use credit cards, we require a credit card authorization form signed before we would process payment. When using a personal check, we require two weeks of clearance from the deposit of your check before turning over possession of goods. When applicable, we collect sales taxes. While exhibiting at shows and fairs within the United States or outside of the country, we adhere to exhibition rules and in certain cases, sales taxes are borne and paid for by the customers on site prior to taking possession of goods as governed by exhibition rules. Credit card or wire transfer fees are borne by the customers and added to our invoice.

Return/Refund/Exchange Policy

There is no refund.

For artwork, we have a limited lifetime return and exchange policy that applies to the original purchaser during his lifetime where the full amount of the sales proceeds can be applied to any available art we carry from the same artist.

For electronics, all cancelled orders prior to shipping are subject to a 15% restocking fee off retail. After shipment leaves our facility and merchandise is opened, in addition to the restocking fee, all open boxes are subject to an additional 15% surcharge off retail.