Impassionate Caress

An iconic composition of a sensuous couple cradled in their visceral intimacy, the “Impassionate Caress” is a Yuroz representation of the human condition at its best. 

Lost in accord, with eyes closed, skin to skin, and nose to nose, the female pliably clasps onto the male to draw closer as he lovingly caresses her hair and gently tugs her in for a tight embrace.  She offers him her blue rose and pomegranate, symbols of healing with love, and prosperity, as he taps her stripe stocking, acknowledging her eroticism in this heavenly unison.

Yuroz layers his signature luscious shades in a warm color palette with distinct curves and lines to the portrait.  With the subtle luxuriant of the antiqued silver leaf in the background, the couple’s passion vibrates beyond the canvas to touch viewers in their own sensibility and sensuality, transcending them to a chapter of their own story left untold.

Displayed as the third painting of a tryptic, “The Three Stages of Courtship”, “Impassionate Caress” is one of three original paintings in which Yuroz used mixed medium on a canvas to portray three spans of time in lovers’ togetherness.  This tryptic is a statement piece in the artist’s body of work within the Silver Leaf Iconography Collection, a prequel to his ICONO Collection where he basks his body of work with 23 karat gold leaf to feature his heroes and heroines separately and together as iconic prize and beauty in each capsule.