Woman with Calla Lillies

“Woman with Calla Lilies” is an iconic Yuroz expression of gentle yearnings and female tenderness, with quintessential Yuroz symbolism guiding the narratives. Relaxing at her home in front of an open window, a Renaissance symbol of hopes and dreams, with her glass of beverage in hand, the Yuroz woman dreamily awaits her lover’s return.

Egyptians embraced the calla lilies as the symbol of fertility while Romans paired them with sexuality. In this painting, her calla lilies are presented in a pear-shaped vase, much like the shape of a woman’s womb, conveying purity, holiness, and faithfulness.

In this painting, Yuroz guides viewers with liberal brushstrokes of white highlights around the woman’s heart, the vase, and the calla lilies, guiding viewers’ eyes through a triangle that frames the focal points of this warm display of divine femininity.

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