Symbiosis Museum Collection


Yuroz Exhibition at Coral Springs Museum of Art in Florida
“Symbiosis”, a museum collection showcased at the Coral Springs Museum of Art in Florida

“Watching their cycles of growth, shedding of leaves, and re-flowering in the spring, people have long perceived trees as powerful symbols of life, death, and renewal.”

J.R.R. Tokien, The Fellowship of the Ring

In what seems like a departure but in reality a natural extension of Yuroz in how he sees the world, the “Symbiosis Collection” has caught the attention of collectors and curators abound.  Sharing a common DNA represented in a masterful illusion of 3-dimensionality, the “Symbiosis” collection positions the subject of trees in innovative and diverse slants.

Renowned art critic and guest curator, Bruce Helander, describes “Symbiosis” as a collection of “neo-abstracted trees” with “sleek expressionist appendages” and “an architectonic pattern within the picture plane that presents the viewer with an entirely new way of appreciating the natural manifestation of a tree”.

Celebrating its simplicity and exceptional longevity, Yuroz embraces these majestic lifeforms as native collaborative forces with the other four elements of the world: the sun, the water, the earth and the minerals to breathe life for human survival and transcend energy for our well-being. Trees are symbols of strength, beauty and survival. Maintaining his sensitivity towards complex human relationships, our relationship with our environment and vice versa, during the last six years, Yuroz began an introspective journey of exploration which culminated into his work in this new contemporary collection, Symbiosis.

Yuroz solicits engagement for a visual exploration of his work that goes beyond the acceptable boundaries of the portrayal of trees.  In these charming depictions, the artist also acts as a stand-in poet, offering a kind of lyrical visual rhythm without words that challenge the observer to add a story line. Yuroz is comfortable in combining every possible incarnation of color and structure, which leads to a seemingly endless creative atmosphere that can be exceedingly rich with the changing hues of autumn or the striking reflections of a brilliant sunrise.

The Symbiosis Museum Fine Art Collection

– the “Peaceful Forest”, “Meditation”, “Dancing Trees”, “Metamorphosis” and the “Rebirth” Series

Meditation Series Harmony in Grey by Yuroz
6395 – Meditation Series: Harmony in Grey Comp. 01, Oil on Canvas, 80 x 100 inches (203.2 x 254 cm)

In the Meditation Series, Yuroz incorporates an architectonic pattern within the picture plane in a scheme of colors that coincide with the colors of human natural energy centers, the seven Chakras.  Here, Yuroz presents viewers with an entirely new way of appreciating the natural synthesis and transformation of energy from and between us, the trees and the elements around and within both.  The series is a group of contemporary oil paintings of abstracted trees in futuristic representations, standing tall, straight and reaching skyward with an ironic appearance of polished steel and sleek expressionist appendages for some.

Dancing Trees Original oil on canvas by Yuroz
6218 – Dancing Trees (Composition 02) Oil on canvas, 60″ x 82″ inches (152.4 x 208.3 cm).

The “Dancing Trees” in this series are less angular and more animated, as a handsome assortment of branches shifts from side to side as if the wind was whispering theatrical directions.  Here, Yuroz seems to be able to tackle any connection to the configuration of a tree and then often tosses out an unexpected cross-hatched motif that appears to be an extension of his acclaimed visualization of characters and a seminal emotional expression of the human condition. Such precision is almost impossible by human hand. An endless array of style, color and compositions.  These masterpieces are only achievable through an arsenal of traditional master’s craftsmanship derived from tools such as a paintbrush, a chisel or a carving knife.

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Symbiosis Museum Design Collection

– the “Mystic Forest”, “Willows”, “Oak Trees”, “Intersect”, “Bird of Paradise”, “Solace in the City”, “Idyllic Forest”, “Final Days of Fall” and the “Blossom” Series

6424 – Willows Series: Composition 02 (green), Mixed Medium on Wood Panel, 58 x 38 inches (147.32 x 96.52 cm)

In the “Solace in the City” series, the artist builds up a juxtaposition of the urban locale with square buildings as backdrops that fade into a sunset accented by a glorious leafless maple waiting out the winter.  In “Final Days of Fall“, Yuroz throws in an unconventional configuration by placing a well-proportioned single tree that hosts a lone red robin nesting in front of customized rolling hills, skillfully placed as if they were stage sets for an opera at the Met.

Both series can be small and intimate, reflecting a meditative moment, or he can expand his vision to monumental proportions, giving one the opportunity to be surrounded by magical woodland that seems to go on forever as it reaches for the heavens.

Nothing seems to limit Yuroz in his constant quest to manipulate such a recognizable common denominator in nature, which he miraculously pushes in all directions, often on a grand scale, until the actual painting takes over the entire room. Not being able to see the forest for the trees now has a new meaning, for which the artist Yuroz should be proud of originating. Yet, the artist promises to deliver you in accord and amity with nature’s order, yielding ultimate harmony and benevolence as you settle, allowing the element of tranquility to work through your energy systems to manifest thoughts into reality while seeing the purpose and meaning in life.

“Home” is what the artist calls it. He is forever thankful to the metamorphic force in the trees of this gift and invites you to join him in his sojourn to happiness, harmony and tranquility.

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