Romance with the Guitar, the Jazz Collection by Yuroz

Romance with the Guitar, an original oil/acrylic on treated wood panel 48×60 inches (122 x 152 cm), is an original work by Yuroz in his “Jazz Collection”.  For more in this series go HERE to view.

Yuroz lover romances with his guitar that has no strings as his female responds with an offering of her pomegranate, a symbolic of love, romance, and a prosperous future.  While silently strumming each other’s heartstrings, viewers are invited to echo their melodies with their own lyrics of their personal heart songs.  

This cubist master’s compositions are layered with contrasts and balances by his use of colors, lines and curves in this Jazz Collection.  The pastel colors in the background and the dark shade of the outline of a chair form a foundation and bring viewers’ focus to the lovers.  The narrowing shape of the window, the woman’s long tilted neck and the chiseled face of her lover all point viewers’ eyes downwards to where Yuroz embedded an “inside frame” for the theme of this painting.  The thick black lines around the bottom curves of the guitar forms the bottom of the inside frame while the curves of the outer arms of the male and female define the sides.  The bold black divide under the female bosoms on the guitar highlights the interplay of the guitar and the romance in action, framing the essence of this representation square in the middle.  

Colors while looking random at first glance are carefully placed.  The lovers’ faces and extremities stand out in shades of textured light color while the chair fades into the background with solid black.  Three primary colors (red, yellow and blue) with a hint of pastel purple were strategically distributed to create a sense of generous spatial feeling to give viewers the room to analyze one element at a time without any feeling of claustrophobia.

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