Tenderness, the Jazz Collection by Yuroz

Tenderness, an original oil/acrylic on treated wood panel 48×60 inches (122 x 152 cm), is an original work by Yuroz in his “Jazz Collection”.  For more in this series go HERE to view.

Eyes closed, the female is cradled against her lover, with both seeking a moment of respite and togetherness in a home scene. Cheek to cheek with both eyes closed, and her hand gently resting on his heart while he lovingly caresses her wavy hair, Yuroz Tenderness represents an intimate moment where two people are lost in their unison. 

The artist’s signature cubist composition flattens different elements in the painting but puts the lovers’ dreamy faces and tender touches on the forefront.  Viewers first notice the woman’s face with her wavy red hair.  Her closed eyes points right towards the man’s face.  When following the man’s eye, viewers are guided towards the female’s bosoms that are distinctly painted with in a bright yellow highlight. 

At each corner of this composition, distinct elements with bright block colors act as supporting acts: the ruffled lamp diagonally placed against a table with ornaments, and the carved arm of a chair opposite to the soft and buoyant curtain.  These elements frame the composition and create a foundation for viewers to seek and enjoy the harmony, the sensuality, and the content embodied in the togetherness in Yuroz lovers in Tenderness.


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