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A Tale of Two Icons: A Testament of Artistry with Timeless Beauty When Fine Art Meets Designs

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  March 20th, 2017 (Los Angeles,CA) – A TALE OF TWO ICONS: TWO INDUSTRY ICONS, YUROZ IN FINE ART AND NANCY CORZINE IN DESIGNS JOINTLY PRESENT A NEW LUXURY FURNITURE LINE THAT COMBINES THE TESTAMENT OF ARTISTRY WITH TIMELESS BEAUTY. Fusing key designs inspired by original compositions from Yuroz’s Symbiosis Museum Collection with Nancy Corzine’s furniture designs, this collaboration celebrates the allure of life with a new line of refined luxury furniture being announced in advance of Westweek in Los Angeles. The fortitude of human conditions is the recurring subject matter of Yuroz’s fine art expression for three decades and Yuroz is showcasing that message beyond the four corners […]

Art Stage Singapore 2017 was Enchanting

It was our 3rd exhibition at this extremely well-run and well-attended art fair in a country with residents and visitors that are culturally distinctive but universally welcoming. Our booth consisted of a beautiful and bold collection of transcending work that encapsulates the magnificent energy of harmony, strength and love for humanity by this cubist master and romantic painter, except, there were a number of “milestone” work displayed, including the Dancing Trees from the Symbiosis Collection which marked fulcrum pivotal moments of the artist’s career. Breaking Through, featured bright colored bulls that broke through a complex network of connectivity between heaven and earth, celebrating life force and energy.   The fast-moving palette knife channeled that […]

Grammy Awards Official Artist, Yuroz, released a series of paintings to pay tribute to musicians

Intrepid horse sculpture by Yuroz

“When one art form inspires another, it sparks creativity and gives meaning to what we do as artists,” says Yuroz.  Yuroz was the official artist for the 35th Annual Grammy Awards for National Academy of Recording Arts and Science. As a tribute to the musicians and composers, he released a series of drawings, “The Musicians”, to thank them for sharing the voice of their souls. A music lover and a flautist, Yuroz dedicates the contrast between the sharp lines and the sensual curves, and the harmony between the shades in this series to the rhythm and tunes these music professionals have gifted to our world. In Yuroz’s ICONO collection (a […]

Pre-Publication Announcement for Intrepid

Intrepid horse sculpture by Yuroz

Yuroz combines extreme simplification of the shapes with graceful outlines from every angle in his new sculpture, the Intrepid, taking viewers along a visual journey of discoveries as he fuses cubism with modern day technology. Intrepid penetrates our soul and summons our internal strength. With full conviction to leap to the new horizon, this modern horse sculpture speaks confidence and bravery. Intrepid inspires his viewers with strength, make us feel safe while giving us hope to wholeheartedly embrace our next unknown … almost like we are given wings to fly… Intrepid is officially unveiling at Art Stage Singapore 2017. Available in Limited Gallery Edition (27.5″ x 26″ x 10.5″) and […]

Highlight of Yuroz’s China trip to install the Life size “Eternity” sculpture

“If your dreams do not scare you, they aren’t big enough.” Yuroz It has only been three short months since Yuroz finished the installation of his life-size Eternity sculpture for an international festival in Jimo City in Tianjin, the epic cultural center of Northeast China. Only two years ago, we saw Yuroz rendering life-size Eternity images onto different backgrounds with Photoshop to present his vision to the staff. He had dreamed of putting this marquee symbol of humanity around the world as a reminder of the restorative power of eternal love and compassion between a couple to make a better world for ourselves and for others. Due to the unusual […]

Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego acquired Yuroz’s work to add to Permanent Collection

Yuroz at Art NY 2016

For Immediate Release:  Los Angeles, CA, August 23, 2016  – Yuroz Art Studios is pleased to announce that the Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego has acquired Yuroz’s 1992 release of Kiss Under the Red Hat, a limited edition hand-printed serigraph on paper, 60 x 40 inches (152.4 × 101.6 cm) into its permanent collection. This acquisition was made possible by the generous donation by Mr. and Mrs. Tami and Michael Lang.  A native of Fort Worth, Texas, Mr. Michael S. Lang shares his love of art and his lifelong passion for philanthropy and public service with his loving wife, Tami. Their generosities have touched many lives.  This gift opens another […]

Announcing Yuroz’s 1st Serigraph of 2016 – “Dance with the Pomegranates”

Creating heirloom work with time-honored techniques and archival qualities that celebrate the basic human conditions and emotions has been the backbone of Yuroz’s work at Yuroz Art Studios. It is with great pleasure we announce the release of our first serigraph of 2016, titled Dance with the Pomegranates. Dance with the Pomegranates is amongst the series of images in Yuroz’s ICONO Collection created by the artist after studying European, Byzantine and Russian iconography. Centuries of accumulated traditions were captured by iconography of the ancient world. Mythological Renaissance paintings revived and developed iconography with its own conventions. The images created in this branch of art present an incredible sense of balance between […]