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Room with a voice – exquisite harmonious indulgence between art and design

In furnishings, textiles, and interior design, we enjoy an elegant and sophisticated approach to life.  Fusing treasured objects with furniture and textile ensemble appropriate for particular styles, designers incorporate paintings, sculptures, glass and metal work to complement their designs to their best advantage. Enlivening any space with glamour and class is the essence of what top designers do, playing a beautiful visual duet to bring a harmonious voice to each room, fusing different aspects of art to finish off exquisitely decorated spaces to a high note. Here are some photos of Yuroz’s Symbiosis Design Collection with mixed medium on wood panels,  and a still-life mixed medium with silver leaf on wood panel complements […]

Evolution of a moment – one capsule of time represented over a span of six years

The name Yuroz has been synonymous with love, romance and the celebration of the human spirit for over three decades.  The artist’s work is coveted by many collectors.  His compositions are always balanced with elements of contrast.  He leaves hints in his representations, starting with his symbolism with varied subtle mood changes by varying his compositions, deploying his lines, shades, and using colors differently, moving the focal point, and attenuating the emotional connection ever so slightly. If you ask a collector why he or she brought one of Yuroz’s paintings home, while the answers vary, the one common thread is the emotional connection the collector made with his work.  About […]