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Yuroz’s marquee symbol of humanity, the “Eternity” sculpture installation to be unveiled in China

Yuroz with paper model of Eternity sculpture

For Immediate Release:  Los Angeles, CA, September 1, 2016—To promote the concept and development of public art, Yuroz’s “Eternity” sculpture, a 13 feet (4 meter) installation in polished steel finish, will be unveiled in the 5th International Urban Sculpture Festival and subsequently acquired into the permanent collection of Jimo City, one of China’s cultural power centers. Yuroz, a master painter and sculptor created the Eternity sculpture as a contemporary minimalist representation of the restorative power of wholesome love and compassion. We are pleased to announce that after an intensive search and selection process conducted by the Municipal Publicity Department of JIMO City and JIMO City Federation of Literary and Art Circles […]

Renowned Art Critic/Curator, Bruce Helander on Yuroz’s Symbiosis Collection in Coral Springs Museum of Fine Art 3/12 to 5/28

“[Yuroz is]…a powerhouse of complicated ongoing visual experiments that seem to gather all his experiences and tie them up as a multifaceted bundle of shapes and textures, including swaying branches and intriguing backgrounds that have become a recognizable of the artist’s repertoire.” “… determined to find a new voice and style, this new series was built piece by piece, starting with the trunk of the tree and then, forgive the pun, branching out to the far corners of the canvas. As a mature painter with an international reputation and an admirable exhibition record, Yuroz has explored narrative abstraction for most of his career. Among other things, he has perfected a […]