Lovers’ Offerings, the Jazz Collection by Yuroz

Lovers’ Offerings, an original oil/acrylic on treated wood panel, 30 x 40 inches (76.2 x 101.6 cm), is an original work by Yuroz in his “Jazz Collection“.

Nestled in her lover’s arms, Yuroz female body is positioned in complete rapport with her lover.  Here Yuroz uses colors to guide viewers’ eyes, squarely putting the female face as the focal point with so much tenderness and adoration seeping through her facial expressions. 

The red half of her hair guides us to see the red pomegranate that she was holding to offer her lover.  A fruit with a structured architecture with seeds abound, the pomegranate is a symbol of fertility.   As we follow her arm, the yellow color prompts our eyes to discover that a yellow pomegranate held by her lover flatted to confuse viewers as part of her arm.  The top of that pomegranate points our view straight towards her yellow hair.  As viewers search for other clues, her bosom painted in dark blue comes to focus, with the male’s hand nestled under. It is only then that viewers discover the 3rd pomegranate, a symbol of prosperity and unyielding strength, an offering from the male to her mate to complete the circle of lovers’ offerings.  Lovers’ Offerings is a demonstration of Yuroz’s syncopation of vivid colors, deliberately and purposefully confusing viewers’ minds while keeping their attention to connect with his visual narratives. 




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