Peace and Blessings with Love, the Jazz Collection

Peace and Blessings with Love, an original oil/acrylic on treated wood panel, 30 x 40 inches (76.2 x 101.6 cm), is an original work by Yuroz in his “Jazz Collection“.

Yuroz male holds his lover in a protective embrace as she presents a dove with her loving gaze.  Around the world, the dove is a symbol of peace.  A gentle and docile specie, doves are often enduring symbols of love and devotion. Monogamous and very affectionate with their mates that they mate for life, doves have an excellent sense of navigation.  As a symbol of navigation, a reminder of that we are on the right path in finding clarity and direction in life.  Nestling in Yuroz’s female hand, this white dove symbolizes purity and innocence as she offers peace, harmony with the dove totem as a symbol to find guidance and direction as they navigate a life path together.



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