YUROZ 2019 ICONO Collection “From Dusk Till Dawn” Romantic Diptych Serigraph Limited Edition Release


“Celebrate yourself, your timeless stories and emotional connections that etch your life’s journey.  Our conditions are universal but the life’s etchings are like thumb prints, unique and iconic to each of us.” exclaimed Yuroz.

From Dusk till Dawn” is derived from an original charcoal diptych where the artist celebrates life’s sweetness when two lovers connect before day breaks (represented in Lovers with Guitar and Pomegranates”), and relax after the evening rolls in, exchanging their heart songs (represented in the Sweet Serenade), sharing this eternal path of joy and love of life and for each other.

This 2019 ICONO Collection Serigraph diptych release added the luster and warmth of 23K gold leaf to the architectural composition of the original charcoal drawings.  The watercolor hints the romanticism of everyday life.  With the flattened images presented by the artist’s soft cubist rendering, this is Yuroz’s latest invitation to his viewers to find elements represented in this lovers’ story to connect with.

View video interview of Yuroz on his ICONO Collection and on this limited edition serigraph release >> here >>

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