“The Music In Her Soul” 2005 release limited edition serigraph on canvas


MIHS Music In Your Soul.  A Yuroz 2005 release, limited edition serigraph on canvas.  

Two men compete for her attention – one with his guitar, his powerful creative instrument.  His expression blushes with impish desire.  He promises her momentary ecstasy but no more.  The other, lighter figure draws sweet notes from his recorder.  His instrument points straight at her heart with calm meditation.  He pledges his devotion. 

As these suitors serenade her, the woman tilts her head dreamily, sipping her wine, content in her solitude.  She wants it all – the wild fire and the cool reason, a balance of conflicting yet equally alluring temptations in one lover.  As she follows the melody of “The Music In Her Soul”,  she ponders the space she has made in the empty chair beside her, knowing full well when the right man approaches, she will invite him to sit and join her.