“Bliss” by Yuroz, limited edition serigraph, signed and numbered


“Bliss” is a Yuroz masterpiece that displays the artist’s love of life and playfulness with ferocity.  In celebration of the beginning of this bountiful season, the artist presents this cubist composition with traces of impressionist-like brushstrokes, as if he was playing music with his paint brushes.  In this representation of the feeling of bliss, Yuroz unveils two lovers in a portrait of safety, love, and hopefulness as they sit in tandem to soak up the sun’s embrace and connect with life’s vivacity.   

(Currently in prepublication status. Target publication date: Feb 2022)

50″ x 38.5″ a limited edition serigraph series, ed: 125, with fine art silk-screen prints, hand-pulled with 72 screens and 69 colors on archival canvas with textured coating to represent the rich color and dimensionality of artist’s brush strokes.

This publication continues the long lineage of hand-pulled serigraphs by Yuroz, and is the culmination of three decades of experience of collaboration with master silk-screen printing artisans from Kolibri. 

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