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Art Stage Singapore 2017 was Magical

Yuroz at Art Stage Singapore 2017

“Magical” is the only word to describe our experience at Art Stage Singapore this year from a personal and a professional level. It was our 3rd exhibition at this extremely well-run and well-attended art fair in a country with residents and visitors that are culturally distinctive but universally welcoming. Our display consisted of a beautiful and bold collection of transcending work that encapsulates the magnificent energy of harmony, strength and love for humanity by this cubist master and romantic painter, except, there were a number of “milestone” work displayed, including the Dancing Trees from the Symbiosis Collection which marked fulcrum pivotal moments of the artist’s career. For example, we featured, Breaking Through, where bright colored bulls […]

Grammy Awards Official Artist, Yuroz, released a series of paintings to pay tribute to musicians

“When one art form inspires another, it sparks creativity and gives meaning to what we do as artists,” says Yuroz.  When the world is challenged, art speaks and music echoes. Using symbols to tell his stories, Yuroz, an internationally celebrated narrative painter uses musical instruments in his paintings to symbolize creativity, express his dreams and serenade his loved one. When Yuroz works, he always has music on.  Of late, he discovered the pleasures to high fidelity sound. Equipped with a pair of nearfield speaker system (Eclipse TD-M1‘s ), Yuroz disconnects from the world and connects with each whisper, each breathe and each echo from the instruments.  “Discovering details I did not know […]