Art Stage Singapore 2017 was Magical

Yuroz at Art Stage Singapore 2017

“Magical” is the only word to describe our experience at Art Stage Singapore this year from a personal and a professional level. It was our 3rd exhibition at this extremely well-run and well-attended art fair in a country with residents and visitors that are culturally distinctive but universally welcoming.

Our display consisted of a beautiful and bold collection of transcending work that encapsulates the magnificent energy of harmony, strength and love for humanity by this cubist master and romantic painter, except, there were a number of “milestone” work displayed, including the Dancing Trees from the Symbiosis Collection which marked fulcrum pivotal moments of the artist’s career.

For example, we featured, Breaking Through, where bright colored bulls broke through a complex network of connectivity between heaven and earth, celebrating life force and energy.   The fast-moving palette knife channeled that burst of energy where Yuroz and the bulls became one.  As he rapidly shaped the water and the clouds in an impasto style, the racing bulls propelled against all surface tension, releasing their inner worlds into infinity.

Pulses of the Roses is a new collection where Yuroz emulated the complexity of the rose with the structure of cubism.  A powerful communicator of emotions using only his paintbrush and color palettes as empathetic tools, Yuroz invites viewers to surrender to the vibration from the waves and dynamism in these paintings.   In the representation of the subject of the rose, contrasting shades and light to create dimensionality and movement, Yuroz created visual cues for viewers to allow the sensitivity and sensibility of the day’s experiences to surface in a safe environment.

Further, we curated a series of studies from the artist’s private collection, offering a mini retrospective where it’s almost like viewers raced through twenty years of the artist’s history right in front of their eyes, with noteworthy collectibles for collectors at varied points of their collecting journey.

To view the full collection, please contact us here or call us at 888-886-6762.

Viewers were able to meet with Yuroz who blessed our booth with his presence a couple of afternoons during the show.

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Three weeks later, our team is still energized by the experience and each of us took to writing up a personal note to share our feeling and express thanks:

Pandora Pang | Delicate Balance, Study, Oil on Canvas

“It was magical that we were able to connect at so many levels with new and old friends in Singapore. From the principal cellist on his way to his performance who echoed deeply with Yuroz’s classical training, to the newly-wed collectors looking to bring the harmony in Yuroz’s painting into their environment as they plan a family, to the retired couple yearning to rediscover the passionate embrace represented in the silver ICONO paintings, to those expert collectors on the look out for heirloom paintings and sculptures to add to their collection, visitors came into the booth leaving their mark on each of us and left a little lighter with the inspiration from the work we shared.”


Jennifer Edwards |Eternity bronze | 23K gold leaf

“It never ceases to fascinate me how we are able to connect with so many people across the world each time we exhibit in Singapore, from Dubai to India to Africa to Europe and different parts of the Far East. The smiles, the generosity, the warmth and the love they showered us with made us feel so welcome. Their receptiveness to art and their eagerness to share make us feel belonged. That is the core of Yuroz’s message, the sharing of human condition and the power of humanity. It seems fitting that I took this picture at the show standing beside Yuroz’s marquee symbol of humanity, the “Eternity” sculpture and I want to give thanks to everyone we have met in Singapore.”

Karo Martirosyan | Lover’s Serenade, Oil on Canvas

“Oscar Wilde once said, ‘It is the spectator and not life that art really mirrors. Diversity of opinion about a work of art shows the work is new, complex and vital.’ Clients in Singapore are open to sharing their passion towards Yuroz’s art. Be it the vibrant colors, the emotions from the images or the meaning the lines and curves stir when they come together, different cultures from different parts of the world have different appreciation for Yuroz’s style. Learning about how each person connects gives me a window to the person I meet.”


Fiona O’Hanlon | A Delicate Touch, Mixed Medium on Canvas | Silver Leaf

“I learned that we need to put ourselves out there if we want to have phenomenal experiences, and through those experiences, we will grow and become the best persons we can be. It is difficult to decipher whether it is the opportunity to work with Yuroz, to share his messages or to connect his art with our visitors that gives me the most joy. Yuroz’s art gives us a safe place to feel a little, dream a little and connect a little, and I am one of the shepherds in this safe place. It was my first time in Singapore and I am definitely going back next year.”


>>To view the Yuroz Art Stage Singapore 2017 Collection, please contact us here or call us at 888-886-6762>>

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