Yuroz’s Unique 6-steps Venetian Silver Process

Venetian Silver Process

Selecting the wood panel Yuroz selects high quality kiln-dried birch plywood and supports them by custom-made heavy-duty mortises on the back surface. Preparing the surfaces Yuroz then applies two layers of water sealer to the back and sides of the panel.  When the water sealer dries, Yuroz spreads a layer of clay on the front surface and sand it down.  More clay and sanding is applied two or three times until Yuroz is satisfied with the surface. Creating the images The artist then uses a drawing medium, sometimes watercolor, to draw his images, which is then sealed by a special fixative.  Using a transparent gel as a mock oil paint […]

Venetian Artisan’s Classical Technique in Applying Silver

For thousands of years the eyes of the civilized world have been captivated by the refined vitality, rich traditions, and dynamic advancements that define Italian art, architecture, fashion, cuisine, and mechanical design.  Venetian artisans during the Renaissance were respected for their skillful application of silver leaf on paintings, furniture, and objects of art. The exquisite colors and textures of these works of art were enhanced by the mysterious quality of light that they reflect.  The secret lay not only in the silver leaf itself but also in the surface to which it was applied. On reinforced panels made of linden or poplar wood, the artisans would spread gesso or linen […]

The Birth of Yuroz’s Venetian Silver Paintings Collection

Yuroz Venetian Silver Collection

Echoing the sensuous beauty of Venetian artisan’s classical technique in applying silver in decorative art and décor, Yuroz fused his classical techniques, his architectural training and his unique contemporary artistic expression in utilizing colors, textures and light and the illusive secret of classical artisans from the 13th to 15th century (Yuroz’s Venetian Silver Process) to create his unique Venetian Silver Paintings Collection. Fascinated by the elegance of the silver color, Yuroz created a timeless series with style, grandeur and sparkling luster. This collection carries the cachet of antique affluence that captures our 21st century’s fascination of the luscious aged look. “It all began when I came across a line of designer furniture featuring […]

Creativity Gap Threatens Economic Futures Across the World

In a recent study released by Adobe Creative, 80% of people believe that unlocking creativity is critical to economic growth. World renowned Los Angeles based painter and architect, Yuroz, has spent his life in service to the creative process, both as an artist and as an advocate for the younger generations to live and experience artistic genius. Says Yuroz, “Life is full of mysteries and one of them is the creative process. This is one of the major qualities we as human beings have that makes us different from the other living creatures.” At the “Rebirth of a Nation” exhibit in Beirut this week, Yuroz invited 100 children to participate […]

Yuroz joins Arayji—Lebanese Minister of Culture—to promote Rebirth at Exhibition commemorating Centennial of Armenian Genocide

Yuroz speaking at opening night of Rebirth of a Nation exhibition in Beirut

“Rebirth of a Nation”, a themed art exhibition, a name adopted from one of the paintings from the United Nation’s commissioned “Human Rights” Mural Series created by internationally renowned artist, Yuroz, opened on Monday, the 4th of May, 2015 at the Beirut Exhibition Center commemorating the Armenian Genocide Centennial and promoting creativity, love and life. Organized by Solidere and the Central Committee of the Armenian Genocide Centennial in Lebanon, in collaboration with Noah’s Ark Art Gallery, and under the patronage of the Lebanese Minister of Culture H.E. Raymond Arayji, this exhibition aimed to share artistic expression to bring the focus of commemoration to the honoring of sacrifice and the determination of humanity to learn and improve.

Internationally acclaimed artist and human rights advocate Yuroz commemorates Armenian Genocide Centennial in “Rebirth of a Nation” Exhibition in Beirut, Lebanon

Rebirth of a Nation exhibition invitation

Armenian’s native son, Yuroz returns to his homeland to join H.E. Mr. Raymond Arayji, Lebanese Minister of Culture, Armenian ambassador, and the Armenian Genocide Centennial Central Committee of Lebanon to commemorate the 100 years since the Armenian Genocide through the cultural exhibit, “The Rebirth of a Nation”.

Serigraphy Process Step-by-Step

With a serigraph edition, one of the first considerations is the About size of the print. How much of a border will it have around the image? Another consideration is the size of the edition. As this form of printing involves numerous steps and layer upon layer of printing, it is impossible to increase the number of prints halfway through the process. Capturing the Original Artwork In order to reproduce an original piece of art, we need the artwork to use as a reference as we go through the process. We use the original itself since the original is the best way to insure accuracy of color. We create an […]

About Serigraphy Printing

Before Sunset serigraph by Yuroz

Before Sunset, 36″ x 48″, serigraph on canvas by Yuroz. Edition size 150. Serigraphy is the name commonly **** used for fine art screenprints. It is a time-honored technique, based on stenciling, for creating prints by hand. The term serigraph is a combination of the Welcome Latin word for “silk”, seri and the Greek word for “to write”, graphos. The term serigraph is used to distinguish fine art screenprints from mass-produced commercial screenprints. Serigraphy is the romantic island in the big sea of original fine art reproduction, since it is produced entirely by hand in close collaboration between the artist/publisher and the print studio. Japanese stencil print (1890) Screenprinting can […]