The Making of “Lovers’ Embrace” – How it’s done

From sketches to line drawings to studies to final composition, every image in this Romantic Impasto Collection went through a progression of steps.  We followed Yuroz around in the making of the Lovers’ Embrace and took some behind the scenes snapshots to share.  Hope you enjoy viewing the progression of this beautiful painting. “Painting with a knife is fast-paced, exciting and fun but I still stick to my training and my daily regimen. Sketching is a painter’s warm up exercise but that is where new ideas are represented for the first time. Using just a pencil to repeatedly sketch the same ideas, that’s how we perfect our compositions and designs. Sometimes […]

Yuroz’s Limited Edition serigraph acquired into the Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego into their permanent collection

Kiss Under Red Hat Serigraph by Yuroz

On August 23rd, we learned that the Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego has acquired Yuroz’s 1992 release of Kiss Under the Red Hat, a limited edition serigraph on paper, 60 x 40 inches (152.4 x 101.6 cm) into its permanent collection. This acquisition was made possible by the generous donation of Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Tami Lang. Kiss under the Red Hat depicts a capsule of romantic longing where the man sifts through the woman’s hair with his fingers like sand through an hourglass and she teases his chin with a caress of her fingernail. She dangles her private love from her finger tips in the form of Yuroz’s iconic blue […]

Museum of Contemporary Art, San Diego acquired Yuroz’s work to add to Permanent Collection

Yuroz at Art NY 2016

For Immediate Release:  Los Angeles, CA, August 23, 2016  – Yuroz Art Studios is pleased to announce that the Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego has acquired Yuroz’s 1992 release of Kiss Under the Red Hat, a limited edition hand-printed serigraph on paper, 60 x 40 inches (152.4 × 101.6 cm) into its permanent collection. This acquisition was made possible by the generous donation by Mr. and Mrs. Tami and Michael Lang.  A native of Fort Worth, Texas, Mr. Michael S. Lang shares his love of art and his lifelong passion for philanthropy and public service with his loving wife, Tami. Their generosities have touched many lives.  This gift opens another […]

Art New York 2016 Show Excerpts

Yuroz booth at Art New York 2016

This year marked our first participation at the Art New York art fair. We received amazing support, starting show planning to post show where we had the highest level of engagement in sharing Yuroz’s art. The exhibit walls were beautiful and tall, allowing for a splendid display. In addition to our booth space, we were invited to showcase Yuroz’s Symbiosis Collection in the fair’s Public Spaces Project. The soothing energy from Yuroz’s contemporary representation of trees in this museum collection gave the public dining space and the exhibition hall a distinctively calming but vibrant feeling. Despite of the sea of people during show time, viewers were able to sit and take a […]

Yuroz Visits Kolibri Studios to Check Progress on the Limited Edition Serigraph

We are very excited to be nearing the final stages of the serigraphy process for Dance with the Pomegranates. Yuroz checked in daily with the master printers at Kolibri Studios, where the painstaking work is being completed. Serigraphs are printed on acid free 4-ply museum boards. The printing is done by using the hand-printed serigraph method. Hand printing serigraphy uses ink that has been around for a long time, guaranteeing the longevity and stability of the color of the artwork. Each print is curated by a master printer. 23k gold leaf is applied by hand at the end of the process to each individual print. Edition is limited to 75, and […]

Announcing Yuroz’ Participation in Art New York May 3 – 8 at Pier 94

Get invites here to visit Yuroz at Art New York, May 3rd – May 8th at Pier 94 Yuroz’ inaugural participation at Art New York, presented by Art Miami during Art Freize Week is marked with great excitement: View select original studies and compositions from his Symbiosis Museum Collection specially curated for Art New York. See Yuroz unveil new work from his ICONO collection where he takes the mood to an edgier front with the luster and warmth of 23K gold leaf in the background.  Celebrate with Yuroz as he is featured in the fair’s “Public Space Project” at the public symposium and cafe area with select compositions from Symbiosis, portraying a beautiful forest defined […]

Connecting the dots: The life of an artist and important bodies of work – Symbiosis by Yuroz as a case study

The context of an artist’s life leading up to or immediately prior to the creation of important artwork bear profound effect on his work.  At first glance of the Symbiosis Collection, one would think that Yuroz has totally departed from his prior style and subject matter. In fact, Yuroz revisits his main subject of human condition with a new angle, embracing his love for humanity with a new dimension and inventiveness.  What we did not know is that this journey traced back to over 20 years ago…

Diary of the Artist Opening Reception for Yuroz’ Symbiosis Museum Collection

We kicked off the exhibition of Yuroz’s museum collection, Symbiosis, at the Coral Springs Museum of Art in Florida with the artist’s opening reception.  We took home some beautiful shots of the installation and of the ceremony.  Museum goers mingled with the artist, took pictures and had the rare chance to learn about the artist’s exploratory journey, not only from his visual narratives but up close and personal. The Installation (#emptymuseum) The Artist Opening Reception (#museumselfie #artselfie) Invalid Displayed Gallery Symbiosis is Yuroz’s abstraction of the relationship between human and our surroundings, in this case, the trees.  You can find the artist statement of Symbiosis by Yuroz here.   If you have not seen the video […]

View Footage from the Artist Opening Reception for Symbiosis at the Coral Springs Museum of Art

Yuroz thanked both the Curator, the Executive Director and everyone at Coral Springs Museum for being pioneers, calling the museum “home” as he expressed gratitude for being able to introduce his new work.  Watch Guest Curator and art Critic, Bruce Helander took viewers on a guided tour during the opening and went on to explain his interpretation of select masterpieces of Yuroz collection: Contact us for more information on this collection.