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Connecting the dots: The life of an artist and important bodies of work – Symbiosis by Yuroz as a case study

The context of an artist’s life leading up to or immediately prior to the creation of important artwork bear profound effect on his work.  At first glance of the Symbiosis Collection, one would think that Yuroz has totally departed from his prior style and subject matter. In fact, Yuroz revisits his main subject of human condition with a new angle, embracing his love for humanity with a new dimension and inventiveness.  What we did not know is that this journey traced back to over 20 years ago…

Yuroz at Art New York May 3rd to May 8th, Pier 94, Presented by Moso Art (Booth B49)

Moso Art Gallery is pleased to announce our inaugural participation at Art New York (by Art Miami) showcasing newly-released work from Yuroz, a celebrated United Nations’ commissioned and Vatican bespoken artist who is world-renowned for his iconic geometric abstraction of simple beauties in love and life and the human condition.

Artist Reception with Yuroz: Symbiosis Opens at Coral Springs Museum of Art with Bruce Helander

Guest curator and renowned art critic, Bruce Helander, gives us a video guided tour of the opening event for Symbiosis in Coral Springs Museum of Art.  Watch him interview Yuroz and take us around the museum to see the display. Bruce Helander talks to us on the “Intersect”, “Willows”, and “Peaceful” Compositions by Yuroz in his Symbiosis Collection:  

Behind the Scenes at Yuroz’s “Symbiosis” Installation at Coral Springs Museum of Art by Guest Curator and Renowned Art Critic

Through ambitious abstraction of trees and his iconic geometric expression deployed in diverse medium and varied representation, Yuroz, draws his viewers in to share his visual exploration of nature and its relationship with mankind.  The artist attempts to ultimately deliver viewers to harmony in accord with nature but he said, .  Yuroz’s Symbiosis opened in Coral Springs Museum of Art on March 12th.  The exhibit will remain there until May 28th and we encourage you to visit the exhibit. Museum guest curator, and renowned art critic, Bruce Helander, offered us a behind the scene look at the installation on site and talked us through his curating journey of this wonderful collection. https://vimeo.com/160375812 During […]

Yuroz on “Symbiosis Collection” at the Coral Springs Museum in Florida

Yuroz was famous for telling us stories of the human condition with his colorful paintings. As a poet he romanced us with his visual poetry and helped us appreciate the simple gifts of life and togetherness.  Through his work, we take note of the tender moments of being loved and nurtured, and being in someone’s arms feeling protected and cherished.  When we are alone, we dream about our lover, and when things are gloomy we find hope that springs eternal.  His artwork becomes a manifestation of strength of power of the human spirit, one that finds light when darkness looms, and fills in the missing piece to complete the circle of […]

Renowned Art Critic, Bruce Helander, on Yuroz’s Symbiosis Collection Opening in Coral Springs Museum of Fine Art in Florida 3/12 to 5/28

  I think that I shall never see A poem lovely as a tree. – Joyce Kilmer, 1913 In the eve of the unveiling of select work from Yuroz’s “Symbiosis” museum collection to be showcased at the Coral Springs Museum of Art from March 12th to May 28th, 2016, we want to share an excerpt written by renowned art critic, Bruce Helander, featured in the upcoming museum book: “…a powerhouse of complicated ongoing visual experiments that seem to gather all his experiences and tie them up as a multifaceted bundle of shapes and textures, including swaying branches and intriguing backgrounds that have become a recognizable signature of the artist’s repertoire.” […]

Yuroz’s Artist Opening Reception – March 17th 6 pm to 8 pm – Unveiling “Symbiosis”—a One-Man Exhibition at Coral Springs Museum of Fine Art in Florida Till May 28th

We are pleased to announce the unveiling of Yuroz’ “Symbiosis” Collection, a visual symphony of perspectives and dimensional rhythm where this internationally acclaimed artist guides us to the reckoning of the interdependence between our survival with nature, and nature’s survival with the attitude of the human race.