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Serigraphy Process Step-by-Step

Yuroz during printing process for Dance with the Pomegranates

With a serigraph edition, one of the first considerations is the size of the print. How much of a border will it have around the image? Another consideration is the size of the edition. As this form of printing involves numerous steps and layer upon layer of printing, it is impossible to increase the number of prints halfway through the process. Capturing the Original Artwork In order to reproduce an original piece of art, we need the artwork to use as a reference as we go through the process. We use the original itself since the original is the best way to insure accuracy of color. We create an extremely […]

Serigraphy Printing is Original Art whereas Giclée printing is a print reproduction

Serigraphy is the name commonly used for fine art screenprints. It is a time-honored technique, based on stenciling, for creating prints by hand. The term serigraph is a combination of the Latin word for “silk”, seri and the Greek word for “to write”, graphos. The term serigraph is used to distinguish fine art screenprints from mass-produced commercial screenprints. Serigraphy is the romantic island in the big sea of original fine art reproduction, since it is produced entirely by hand in close collaboration between the artist/publisher and the print studio. Screenprinting can be traced back as far as the Song Dynasty (960–1279 AD). Japanese artists turned screenprinting into a complex art […]