Art New York 2016 Show Excerpts

Yuroz booth at Art New York 2016

This year marked our first participation at the Art New York art fair. We received amazing support, starting show planning to post show where we had the highest level of engagement in sharing Yuroz’s art. The exhibit walls were beautiful and tall, allowing for a splendid display.

In addition to our booth space, we were invited to showcase Yuroz’s Symbiosis Collection in the fair’s Public Spaces Project. The soothing energy from Yuroz’s contemporary representation of trees in this museum collection gave the public dining space and the exhibition hall a distinctively calming but vibrant feeling. Despite of the sea of people during show time, viewers were able to sit and take a meditative moment to connect within using Yuroz’s masterpieces on display as the catalyst.

The last day of the show fell on Mother’s Day. We captured some really wonderful pictures from female attendees who connected with the restorative power of wholesome passion, creativity and love from Yuroz’s Eternity sculpture. They felt free, safe and understood and celebrated this important day in the year with some iconic moments at our booth.

No Yuroz art fair can leave out his favorite activities: connecting with art lovers and drawing on children. This is where the artist gifts a piece of inspiration while capturing another from those coveted interactions.

The connections we made were tremendous and they do not end when these fairs ended. Since then, we have had many friends we met in New York who visited us in our downtown Los Angeles studio space, viewing private work and spending private moments to connect at a deeper level with the artist and ourselves. We saved a guestbook album in our Facebook Page. Please peruse and like us.  Please feel free to add your pictures with Yuroz, Yuroz’s art and at our studios to our page.


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