Pre-publication Announcement for “Intrepid”, Yuroz’s Modernistic Representation of the Explorer Within Us

Intrepid horse sculpture by Yuroz

Yuroz combines extreme simplification of the shapes with graceful outlines from every angle in his new sculpture, the Intrepid, taking viewers along a visual journey of discoveries as he fuses cubism with modern day technology. Intrepid  penetrates our soul and summons our internal strength. With full conviction to leap to the new horizon, this modern horse sculpture speaks confidence and bravery. Intrepid inspires his viewers with strength, make us feel safe while giving us hope to wholeheartedly embrace our next unknown … almost like we are given wings to fly…

Peaceful by nature,
Yet daring and strong,
Intrepid  stands poised and powerful,
Bracing the new and the inevitable.

With muscles toned and psyche prepared,
And his sight fixed on the new frontier,
This spirited stallion is undaunted by strife.

Much like the moment before an athlete’s leap,
He bows with respect,
As he forges in total finality,

Intrepid  crouches,
Gulping deeply as he gazes for the one last time,
At much that is familiar,
Which he will surely leave behind.

And with his strength as his propellant,
And his wisdom his fuel,
He launches on the exhale,
As the clock strikes ready.

To lead,
To change,
In answer to his destiny.
He leaves viewers in awe,
As we pay homage to his noble beauty,
Hinged by his masculine strength.

Intrepid, is officially unveiled in Art Stage Singapore 2017.

Available in Limited Gallery Edition (27.5″ x 26″ x 10.5″) and in Limited 7′ Edition.

Intrepid sculpture by Yuroz

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