Creativity Gap Threatens Economic Futures Across the World

In a recent study released by Adobe Creative, 80% of people believe that unlocking creativity is critical to economic growth.

World renowned Los Angeles based painter and architect, Yuroz, has spent his life in service to the creative process, both as an artist and as an advocate for the younger generations to live and experience artistic genius. Says Yuroz, “Life is full of mysteries and one of them is the creative process. This is one of the major qualities we as human beings have that makes us different from the other living creatures.”

At the “Rebirth of a Nation” exhibit in Beirut this week, Yuroz invited 100 children to participate with him personally in the creation of art, on shirts, on canvas and in hearts. Asked why he is so committed to the artistic inspiration of youth, Yuroz answered, “There are many explainable reasons and ones you can’t explain. It is almost a necessity to be in that space and get in touch with that divine energy. We create our own reality, our own world. We create an internal environment which comforts us and adds another dimension to our existence which is so vital for our survival. Creative process needs to be encouraged and nurtured all the time to have a civilized society.” Even Albert Einstein, man of science, advocated, “Creativity is contagious, pass it on.”

In a world where only 1 in 4 believe they are fulfilling their creative potential, where arts education budgets are suffering, where aesthetic has been surrendered to the practical, artists carry a heavy burden to reeducate us how to feel, how to love, how to create. One child at a time, in countries across the globe, Yuroz is engaging children in the creative process. Yuroz drew on more than 100 kids at the Beirut Exhibition Center, and they drew on him, sending him home with cherished souvenir (his dress shirt filled with kids’ signatures) and remarkable newfound friendships. Says Yuroz, “All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once they grow up.”

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About Yuroz

YurozYuroz is a celebrated Los Angeles based master artist whose work spans across mediums andgenres, and cuts through dimensional, geographical, economical, racial, political, philosophical and religious boundaries. Through his work, Yuroz, a painter and architect, celebrates romance, edifies human emotions, promotes peace, and advocates tolerance, encouraging healing and growth while liberating love and compassion.

Yuroz is the only living American artist who has his work hung in the Vatican’s permanent collection. “The Light of Compassion” honors the sainthood of Arcangelo Tadini, the Saint of the Working Woman, a masterpiece specially commissioned by Pope Benedict XVI’s Vatican office and unveiled at a ceremony where Pope Benedict XVI blessed the painting in Botticino Sera, Italy.

Twice commissioned by the United Nations to produce the United Nations Mural for Human Rights, Yuroz donated images from his murals, “Respect for Refugees” honoring the 50th anniversary in 2000, and “Human Rights” dedicated to Human Rights Education from 2004 were reproduced as stamps and released around the world. Several million of Yuroz’s stamps were sold around the world, raising funds for the United Nations. These murals have travelled with Yuroz nationally and internationally in ongoing sponsored events to raise awareness and raise funds for the underprivileged and other humanitarian needs.

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