Yuroz joins Arayji—Lebanese Minister of Culture—to promote Rebirth at Exhibition commemorating Centennial of Armenian Genocide

Yuroz speaking at opening night of Rebirth of a Nation exhibition in Beirut

“Rebirth of a Nation”, a themed art exhibition, a name adopted from one of the paintings from the United Nation’s commissioned “Human Rights” Mural Series created by internationally renowned artist, Yuroz, opened on Monday, the 4th of May, 2015 at the Beirut Exhibition Center commemorating the Armenian Genocide Centennial and promoting creativity, love and life. Organized by Solidere and the Central Committee of the Armenian Genocide Centennial in Lebanon, in collaboration with Noah’s Ark Art Gallery, and under the patronage of the Lebanese Minister of Culture H.E. Raymond Arayji, this exhibition aimed to share artistic expression to bring the focus of commemoration to the honoring of sacrifice and the determination of humanity to learn and improve.

The event opened with Minister Arayji honoring the pride and resilience of the Armenian people who remain loyal to their identity and values through struggles and triumphs to secure their existence on one hand, and uninhibitedly cling to the cultural life of the countries that embrace them on the other.
Yuroz’s was commended for his lifelong demonstration of humanity’s capacity for love. In his address to the prominent Lebanese and foreign diplomats, representatives of the Armenian community of Lebanon, other dignitaries, artists and visitors that gathered at the opening, Yuroz pled with those in attendance to join him in encouraging “the art” in all of us. He remarked on the fact that no war in human history was the result of a surplus of artists. Especially in today’s times of political and cultural angst, “Art is necessity, not a luxury.”

Ambassador Ashot Kocharyan, Ambassador of Armenia in Lebanon, referred to Armenia as the small country with the world’s largest natural resources, not petroleum, not natural gas but the overwhelmingly large percentage of creative and artistic talents. More than 100 Lebanese and Armenian artists with over 150 paintings, 20 sculptures/installations are represented. Amongst those are 3 romantic paintings from Yuroz from his Romantic Genre.

Beirut Exhibition Center’s mission is to promote and develop greater recognition and appreciation of contemporary art throughout Beirut and the region. The BEC venue represents one of the most important, challenging and exceptional art spaces in Beirut and is committed to engaging the public in Lebanon and across the region.

More information about Yuroz, visit yurozart.com.

About Yuroz

Yuroz is a celebrated Los Angeles based master artist whose work spans across mediums andgenres, and cuts through dimensional, geographical, economical, racial, political, philosophical and religious boundaries. Through his work, Yuroz, a painter and architect, celebrates romance, edifies human emotions, promotes peace, and advocates tolerance, encouraging healing and growth while liberating love and compassion.

Yuroz is the only living American artist who has his work hung in the Vatican’s permanent collection. “The Light of Compassion” honors the sainthood of Arcangelo Tadini, the Saint of the Working Woman, a masterpiece specially commissioned by Pope Benedict XVI’s Vatican office and unveiled at a ceremony where Pope Benedict XVI blessed the painting in Botticino Sera, Italy.

Twice commissioned by the United Nations to produce the United Nations Mural for Human Rights, Yuroz donated images from his murals, “Respect for Refugees” honoring the 50th anniversary in 2000, and “Human Rights” dedicated to Human Rights Education from 2004 were reproduced as stamps and released around the world. Several million of Yuroz’s stamps were sold around the world, raising funds for the United Nations. These murals have traveled with Yuroz nationally and internationally in ongoing sponsored events to raise awareness and raise funds for the underprivileged and other humanitarian needs.

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