“Rebirth of the Nation” Exhibition in Lebanon (Part 1: the Exhibit)

Rebirth of a Nation Invite

Children’s laughter was echoing through the Beirut Exhibition Center (BEC) in Lebanon, an exhibition space built just a couple years ago by Solidere, a renowned Beirut developer, to establish the capital of Lebanon, as a sustainable artistic and cultural resource.

Many important shows from all over the world were held here, each with its unique qualities, and each having left its mark in the colorful cultural life of this vibrant gateway through which European art has met the East.  However, the event we want to share was quite different…

rebirth of a nation exhibition pc: Avedis S
“Rebirth of a Nation” Exhibit (pc: Avedis S)

“The Rebirth of the Nation” was an international art and cultural event to showcase the rich culture of Armenia and the work of many Armenian artists in celebration of the country’s resilience during the last 100 years on this momentous year marking the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide.  A collaboration between Solidere, the Central Committee of the Armenian Genocide Centennial in Lebanon, the Lebanese Minister of Culture H.E. Raymond Arayji, and the Noah’s Ark Art Gallery.  This exhibition adopted one of the panels in the United Nation’s Human Rights mural series as the theme, featuring Yuroz, a well-known contemporary painter with his evergreen message of healing and strength through love and compassion.

"Rebirth of a Nation" Invitation featuring one of Yuroz's United Nations Human Rights Panel
“Rebirth of a Nation” Invitation featuring one of Yuroz’s United Nations Human Rights Panel
Kids were excited to be amongst sculptures and paintings
Kids were excited to be amongst sculptures and paintings

Children were excited to be surrounded by important paintings and sculptures for this celebration.  This excitement allows them to be inspired. For some, as Yuroz would tell you from his personal experience, it could alter the course of someone’s life.  “A person took an interest in me and inspired me to be an artist when I was eight.  I hope I could do the same for others.” Yuroz explained.

Recognized for his romantic cubist work, Yuroz, communicated his messages in “The Rebirth” U.N. panel through his signature Blue Rose and Pomegrante, depicting every man and woman’s right for procreation and prosperity.

music between lovers by yuroz
Yuroz – Music Between Lovers

In Yuroz’s mind, the garden of healing and prosperity sprouts two very important food to our soul:  spiritual love and compassion as symbolized by the healing power of Yuroz’s Blue Rose, and fertility, creativity, prosperity power as symbolized by the Yuroz’s Pomegranate.

This exhibition displayed an incredible range of styles of prominent Armenian artists, covering 150 years of Armenian history of art.  It was easily the largest collection of this kind displayed internationally outside of Armenia.  Amongst the work of many well-known Armenian artists featured four paintings from Yuroz’s collection.  Courtesy of Solidere, we included below a slide show of select photo shots of the exhibition and the gorgeous exhibition hall.

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